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Use menu above to view our selection of Bizarre Interesting Unusual Gifts items Stock. Shrunken Heads Real Skin Hair Tsantsa Jivaro Shuar Tribe Indians head shrinkers. Samurai Swords Japanese Katana Wakizashi Tanto high carbon steel Blades. Ninja knives stainless steel knife. Browse our Unusual Interesting stock for Bizarre Gifts.

Shrunken Head REAL SKIN & HAIR Jivaro Indian Tsantsa - Large

Shrunken Head REAL SKIN & HAIR Jivaro Indian Tsantsa - Large - 25.11

Large size Real Skin and Hair Tsantsa SHRUNKEN HEAD. Our Large size Heads look even more realistic and impressive. Jivaro Indian Realistic Shrunken Heads made from Real animal skin and hair. We import these heads from Ecuador where they are made using traditional methods. Originally Jivaro Indians used to shrink the heads of their enemies killed in battle to paralyze the spirit of the enemy. The skull is removed and skin boiled to shrink head to 1/3 size , hot stones are used to seal and shape the skin. When prepared the Tsantsa Heads are used during victory celebrations and feasts. Our SHRUNKEN HEADS are made from real animal skin and hair and look extremely realistic. (approx size 175mm - 195mm including hair & beard length); Every Head is hand made by South American Indians therefore every Head is UNIQUE ! These Large specially Hand made Heads are even more realistic looking !

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