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Sell Scrap Jewellery Back to Us for Cash!

We Buy Scrap Gold, Silver, Palladium & Platinum

Recycling your damaged jewellery, scrap precious metals and returns could not be easier!

We will purchase hallmarked jewellery, unhallmarked manufacturing off-cuts, broken damaged returns and industrial forms of precious metals such as Platinum Thermocouple wire or Silver Photographic Flake material.

Selling your Scrap is Easy. You may Contact Us with details of your scrap or follow the directions below to Send Us your metals securely for Fast Processing and Payment!

Some examples of Scrap We Buy & Recycle

Broken or damaged Jewellery items.
Unhallmarked pieces from jewellers workshops.
Gold Bars, Ingots, Bullion and Lemels.
Sovereigns and Bullion Gold Coins.
All hallmarked Grades of Jewellery 9ct, 18ct and 22ct.
Foreign Grades of Gold such as 10kt, 12kt, 14kt, 20kt etc.
Manufacturing Gold Sheet, Rods, Bars and Findings.

All Sterling Silver Jewellery in ANY Condition.
999 Silver Bullion Bars and Investment Rounds.
Industrial Silver Photographic Flake material.
50% British Silver Coins and Any other Coins with Silver content.
Manufacturing Sheet and other Jewellers unhallmarked pieces.
Silver Grain and Powder.
Cutlery, Flatware and Silver Hollowware.
We Specialise in Processing Sterling Silver Jewellery RETURNS for independant and major Retailers.

Platinum & Palladium
Jewellery Rings (Bands or Diamond set).
Platinum Thermocouple Wire (including Rhodium/Platinum thermo wires)
Palladium Jewellery & Rings.
Investment Pd or Pt Bullion Bars and Coins.
Industrial Platinum Sponge and Powder.
Electronic Contacts and Platinum Pins.
We also process Other Platinum Group Metals.

Sending Us your Scrap Precious Metals

Selling Us your Unwanted Scrap metals is easy! Simply package your metals securely and include a note stating the Type of Metal, Weight and Purity of your material (if known), your Email address, full Name and Address.
Then ship to our address below via Special Delivery (available at all Post Office Counters) which is insured for Precious Metals (select correct insurance level when sending). Retain your Post Office receipt as this is your proof of posting for insurance purposes.

Ship To :
JDS (Processing Dept.)
PO BOX 2657

Once your consignment is received we will Email you to confirm receipt and process your metals for you as quickly as possible. Payment will be completed as soon as we have checked and processed your lot. Please state clearly in your enclosed note if you require Cheque, Bank Transfer or Cash payment for your metals. For Bank Transfers we require UK Bank Account Number, Sort Code and the Name the Account is held in. Cash payments are only available for values upto £500 and incur a processing and insured return shipping charge of £11.99.

We recommend the following metal processors and recyclers in other business sectors :
Industrial PGM Metal Recyclers -
Silver Laboratories and Assays -

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