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Most people are familiar with the use of platinum, gold and silver in the jewellery business but are perhaps less familiar with the use of titanium. Titanium was discovered in 1791 by a man named Gregor Williams who was a British mineralogist, but was not introduced to the jewellery business until the middle of the 1980s. Unlike other precious metals, titanium is a naturally occurring element that is present in the earth's crust, and is therefore more readily available than most other precious metals This shiny silver-grey coloured metal is as light as aluminium and as strong as steel. It also has a good resistance to acidity and is 100% hypoallergenic. These qualities have helped titanium to increase in popularity over the years as it can produce robust items of jewellery that will continue to look chic and lustrous for many years to come.

Titanium would actually be less expensive to buy than other precious metals if it weren't for the expensive manufacturing process This precious metal cannot be soldered and, due to its immense strength, it is necessary to use high-tech equipment and machinery to process it. The difficulty in processing titanium consequently restricts the range of jewellery that is available to buy, as well as making it almost impossible to resize rings. Rings are generally crafted on a lathe, which leaves no welds or seams in the metal.

One thing that makes titanium rather unique compared to other metals is the fact that it can be easily coloured. This offers the buyer a huge range of exotic colours and designs to choose from, as well as plain titanium pieces. Unfortunately, though, the colour is produced by oxidisation, which means that only the surface area of the metal is coloured and will consequently wear off in time. A large amount of titanium jewellery is also made with the addition of yellow gold and diamonds, which offers a more exclusive alternative to coloured rings.

Although there are many different items of jewellery available in titanium, rings bracelets and pendants are the most commonly seen pieces. Wedding rings in titanium are becoming more and more popular nowadays too, and men particular like titanium as it looks good and is extremely hard wearing. Titanium is also very easy to care for, as it doesn't tarnish and shouldn't lose its lustrous appearance. It should only ever be cleaned with mild soapy water and a soft cloth, and abrasive cleaners should be avoided altogether. However, it is recommended that titanium jewellery is professionally polished at least once a year, just to ensure that it does continue to keep its perfect and elegant appearance.


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