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Gemstones beginning with 'D' Healing Properties and Uses

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For centuries, gemstones have been recognised for their healing properties as well as their beauty. People have long held the belief that particular gems can intrinsically heal specific maladies of the body, mind, or spirit.

Many different types of gemstones exist with many different types of healing properties. An exploration of gemstones beginning with the letter "d" is included here. Although everyone does not hold the beliefs listed here, they have been held by many people in the past and still now in the present day.

Wearing Danburite is thought to enhance an individual's ability to get along with others. It is said to stimulate the responsiveness of an individual to those around a person. In fact, it is thought that wearing danburite will activate an individual's intellect to a much higher level too. Additionally, it is thought that wearing danburite will allow an individual to maintain their individuality and sense of identity.

Dinosaur Bone is considered to give its wearer extra strength and wisdom. Dinosaurs were certainly very strong, so it only stands to reason that their bones should lend strength to those who wear pieces of them.

Dioptase is thought to be an excellent gemstone to wear if you are interested in creating a better spiritual connection. Moreover, it has intense energy that can be drawn from to enhance one's ability to live in the moment.

Dolomite is an excellent healing stone for depression. It allows its wearer to realise that everything happens for a reason. It is said to relieve feelings of sorrow and to encourage an individual to become more charitable and generous. Additionally, dolomite enhances an individual's ability to think while encouraging a more impulsive or energy driven type of thinking.

Dumortierite is worn to aid the dissipation of stubbornness. It is said to improve an individual's stamina during all kinds of situations, including difficult circumstances Furthermore, Dumortierite is thought to reduce or lessen an individual's excitability and to generate a more patient nature.

Diamonds are thought to draw out toxins and poisons from the body. Additionally, it is thought that wearing diamonds can aid in healing an individual who has diseases affecting the brain, the pineal gland in the center of the brain, or the pituitary gland. However, some people believe that diamonds have no healing power whatsoever, partly because of their lack of colour.


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