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Traditional charm bracelets are made from simple metal links and come in a variety of metals, such as, stainless steel, Sterling Silver, gold, and even platinum. Small decorative pendants, which are known as charms, can then be attached to the links to signify a special occasion or moment in a person's life. However, charm bracelets did not start out like this; they were originally worn as a kind of amulet to ward off evil spirits, please the gods, bring good luck and gain entry into the afterlife.

It is thought that the wearing of charm bracelets dates back to around 500BC, where charms were originally made from natural gemstones or rocks, such as quartz, and then carefully crafted into designs of gods or animals. Medieval knights were believed to wear charms in battle to bring them luck, and some charms were buried alongside loved ones.

Queen Victoria eventually brought a whole new meaning to the charm bracelet, as she began wearing one that consisted of small lockets containing photographs of her family. At the end of the Second World War, soldiers collected charms from places they had visited and brought them home for their wives and sweethearts - Charms were also kept by soldiers during the war for good luck and protection.

Charm bracelets went on to be a popular jewellery item amongst the upper social classes in the United Kingdom and it became customary to present one as a gift to a girl entering her teenage years. Thankfully, as time went on, these beautiful bracelets became widely available to everyone and are now very popular with people of all ages

Although many charm bracelets are still made in the traditional way, you can now also purchase Italian and branded Pandora charm bracelets - these bracelets are both very different and quite unique. Italian charm bracelets are made to accept interlocking square charms made from stainless steel. Pandora charm bracelets, on the other hand, are more like a fashion bracelet that is made from a variety of coloured beads. These beads come in many different designs and can be arranged in different patterns. You can begin with one or more beads and then collect them in the same way as you would with a traditional charm bracelet - it is worth remembering that the bracelet should be loose when empty, as it will tighten up as the beads are added.

As charm bracelets now come in a variety of styles and colours, there is something to suit everyone and any occasion. You can choose from a wide selection of charms too, such as, hand-painted enamel charms, cultured pearls, coins, shells, animals, gemstones and even novelty shapes. They are a great way to build up a story of your life and can be handed down through the generations as a keepsake for other family members - they could even become extremely valuable over the years.

Charm bracelets make wonderful gifts for any occasion, such as birthdays, Christmas, graduation, proms, weddings or even births and christenings. It is also the perfect way to collect souvenirs from holidays, events and precious moments in your life. Whatever occasion they are bought for, they are certain to be well received and treasured forever.


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