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Whether you are looking to buy a gift or simply coordinate an outfit in terms of accessories and jewellery, you will be making a decision on what sort of jewellery you want to utilize. Gold jewellery has a long history and in many ways, it is the jewellery of choice for many people, but if you have been paying attention, there are quite a few different ways and means of wearing it. How can you find the best gold jewellery for you, and how does white gold and yellow gold fit into it?

To begin with Yellow gold tends to be gold that is most undiluted form golds natural colour and when it comes to gold jewellery, it makes pieces that are very soft and very heavy. When you are thinking about wearing yellow gold jewellery, think about what you will be doing day to day. If your work puts you in a position where the finish of the gold jewellery will be easily dented and marred, you may want to find another option, or at least opt for 9 carat Gold which is harder wearing than the higher carat golds.

When you wear gold jewellery, it is important to remember that the purer the gold is, the softer it will be. 9 carat gold is often used for gold jewellery, but it is less pure than 18 carat gold jewellery, or the purer 22 carat which is significantly softer.

If you have gold or olive tones in your skin, try to find the gold jewellery that is fairly rich and yellow in tone. This will pick up gently highlights from your skin and you'll find that it will not clash as much as silver, platinum or white gold.

If you have fair skin that has pink or even bluish tones, you might be interested in wearing white gold jewellery. White gold jewellery comes in the same carat ratings as yellow, for example 9 carat or 18 carat gold alloys. It is made from an alloy of gold, with either palladium or nickel included in the alloy usually. In recent years nickel has been banned for use in jewellery due to the fact that many people have an allergy to nickel, and that it may give them a rash when they try to wear jewellery that contains it. To make sure that your white gold jewellery is safe, remember to ensure that the alloy used in it is palladium as used in jewellery supplied by us. White gold jewellery is also great deal more durable than yellow gold jewellery in general, enabling you to wear it in a number of different situations.


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