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Some wedding anniversary symbols are really well known, like gold for the 50th and silver for the 25th. These are special milestones for fortunate couples to celebrate. But life is uncertain and, sadly, you can never tell if you will reach them together. Many of the other years have been allocated their own symbols and there is even a list of gemstones that can be attached to particular years

Once you have passed the first ten years of marriage, you may have more resources to invest in these wonderful symbols of your years together. Here is a list of the gemstones associated with the years between then and the Silver Wedding Anniversary.

Wedding symbols Years Eleven to Fifteen

For the eleventh Wedding anniversary, you have a choice of turquoise or hematite. Wearing turquoise is a test of true love because without true love the stone's colour will fade. Choose hematite if you feel you need to give your relationship a lift, become personally more attractive or build up your courage for something. Be careful about wearing it next to your skin as it can cause irritation. It does have healing properties though and enhances your oxygen supply by stimulating the absorption of iron in your body.

Agate is one of the stones for the end of the twelfth marriage year. Believed to be good for healing bruises and sprains, this semi-precious stone often displays brightly colored natural stripes. Jade is another choice for the twelfth anniversity year, long associated with good luck and long life, this has been considered more valuable than gold in some cultures.

You have three choices for the thirteenth Wedding anniversary. The first is malachite, sometimes known as the peacock stone because the patterns on it can resemble the eye in the pattern of the bird's feathers. The second is citrine, the sunny yellow stone that really gives you a lift. The third is the blue moonstone, a great partner for onyx.

The fourteenth anniversary stone is moss agate, so called because of its moss like pattern. Nature lovers always love this stone.

For the fifteenth Wedding anniversary, you should buy crystal. This stone, repeated from year three, is often used to channel healing.

Wedding Anniversity Years Sixteen to Twenty

These years begin with aquamarine or peridot for the sixteenth wedding anniversary. With its beautiful colors echoing the sky and the sea, aquamarine is said to bring joy, wealth and a long and happy marriage to the wearer. And the rich greens of the peridot stone are also reminiscent of the natural world. This stone will bring patience, confidence and vitality.

For the seventeenth Wedding anniversary, you could choose citrine again, or amethyst with its royal purple colour. A story about the creation of amethyst tells how the goddess Diana protected a lovely young girl from the wrath of Dionysus by turning her into a quartz statue. Dionysus, overcome by the beauty of the statue, wept to think he could have destroyed it, and his tears stained it purple like the stunning colour of amethyst.

Opal is the stone for the eighteenth wedding anniversary. Buy it set in silver and even combined with moonstone to receive good luck. Be faithful to your spouse or it will lose its sheen and become dull.

The nineteenth anniversary also repeats previously associated gemstones. Aquamarine can apply to this anniversary and was also the stone for the sixteenth anniversity. While topaz is also the stone for one of the early anniversaries but can be used for the nineteenth. This gemstone comes in many colours, the blue topaz being the cheapest, while pink and red hues are the most valuable of the topaz gemstones.

The twentieth anniversary is the Emerald Wedding Anniversary. Symbolising two decades of love, the emerald is another stone that supposedly loses its colour if you are unfaithful. It is also said to have healing properties to help failing eyesight.


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