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U PINS (Pack of 100) - 3.50

U PINS (Pack of 100)

U Pins for securing jewellery and other stock in displays and packaging boxes etc. Gilt colour U shaped securing Pins. Packs of 100 x U Pins. Display pins for securing product onto window display sundries, shop displays etc. Also ideal for holding jewellery or other stock products in place within gift display packaging boxes. Jewellers U Pins sundries for display. Mounting U-Pins for stock retail displays and shop gift packaging mounting.

Product: U Pins (x100)

Description: Securing Jewellery U Pins for display/packaging use.

Unit of Sale: Quantity of 100 x U Pins per Lot

Special Offer! U PINS (Pack of 100): 2.75 each when you buy 10 or more - see Special Offers page for more information



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