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Sterling Silver Combined with Gem Stones makes a Beautiful Jewellery Piece

The popularity of sterling silver jewellery has increased massively of late, with both sexes, not simply because of its amazing shine (many of which believe is more impressive than Gold jewellery) but also because it demands a lower price, making Sterling Silver gem stone jewellery affordable to most people. Designs of Silver jewellery and stones long fascinated people throughout the ages, with gem set designs dating back many thousands of years having been discovered from past ancient times.

While alone sterling silver chains and bracelets are beautiful to behold, when combined with gemstones or semi-precious stones; a silversmith/jeweler can create a work of art commanding thousands of dollars and a treasure passed from one generation to another. When you receive a gift of silver, whether it be a sterling silver chain or bracelet, you are (to a degree) receiving something that spans the millennium. It as not until the mid 1800's that machines were used to craft jewelry, before then the art and craft of creating a sterling silver bracelet, was passed from father to son, and carried with it the status of a master craftsman.

The silversmith of long ago was not simply a man who hammered out a piece of metal, he was someone who took an idea (much like a sculptor would do) then turned that idea in a functional work of art. A contemporary observed that the silversmith was:

"Our smith was a man who used a all manner of tools, he would heat them and beat or mould them into something we all thought was fine and good. "

Black Onyx Gem Stone set Sterling Silver Pendant

Large Black stone set Sterling Silver Pendant.

Silver ball design edge detail. Highly polished Oval cabochon Stone.

Stone : Black stone

Cut : Cabochon Polished

Stone Dimensions : approx 26mm x 18mm

Metal : Sterling Silver .925

Total Weight : approx 8 - 14 grams

(weight varies dependant on stone weight)

Item Dimensions : approx 50mm drop - 26mm width

Sterling Silver Large Black Precious Stone set Necklace Pendant

Large Pearl set and Turquoise Precious Stone Sterling 925 Silver Necklace

Large Turquoise and Pearls set Sterling Silver Pendant with chain.

Large Turquoise Pendant surrounded by three Pearls with Silver balls design detail. Highly polished Oval cabochon Stone. Sterling Silver Belcher style Chain attached to Pendant. Lobster claw clasp. Length approx 410mm.

Stones : Turquoise / Pearls

Cut : Cabochon Polished

Main Stone Dimensions : approx 22mm x 18mm

Metal : Sterling Silver .925

Chain Length : approx 410mm

Total Weight : approx 12 - 18 grams

(weight varies dependant on stone weight)

Item Dimensions : approx 40mm drop - 30mm width

Mother of Pearl and Turquoise set Sterling Silver Necklace Pendant

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