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In the beginning, when Moissanite was first discovered, it was believed that it was a crystal that had arrived when a meteor impacted the Earth. It's easy to understand how that original explanation came about.

It was 1893 when French scientist Dr.Ferdinand Moissan was examining some mineral samples from a meteor crater in Arizona. While doing so, he discovered an amazingly brilliant crystal he'd never seen before. At first, it was thought it had arrived with the meteor.

However, As the doctor studied it further, he realized the fiery mineral he had discovered was not from space, but was actually a new mineral called silicon carbide. It was later named "Moissanite " in his honor as he was the original discoverer.

Unfortunately, it was so rare that it was not possible to find enough of the mineral to capture the stunning fire and beauty of Moissanite in order to create jewellery. At least that is, until a method was developed of re-creating the beauty of Moissanite crystals in a laboratory.

The main feature that catches the attention of women is the ability of Moissanite to create the "fire" within. Or more simply put, the remarkable ability it had to convert white light into every color of the rainbow.

Aside from being stunningly beautiful, Moissanite is extremely durable. It is exceptionally hard, and has the ability to resist extreme heat. These qualities make it very difficult to scratch or chip.

Generally, Moissanite can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes Whatever shape is desired can be produced and sculptured to enhance the beauty and fire within. Better still, the brilliance of this jewel does not fade over time.

That being said, Moissanite must still be treated with care. Like most exquisite jewellery, Moissanite should be cleaned and cared for much as you would the rest of your "fine" jewellery collection.

This will ensure that you will enjoy the captivating brilliance of Moissanite , this exceptional gem, for many years to come and will bask in the many admiring glances that are sure to come your way.


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