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Properties of Gemstones beginning with the letter 'B'

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Not only are gemstones worn for their beauty, but also, they are often worn for their healing properties. Different gemstones are noted for beneficial effects upon various conditions that individuals might have, whether they are physical or mental conditions.

Sometimes, the condition is not actually an illness or a disease, but rather, a state of mind. The wearing of particular gemstones and or the placing of them around the home is said to produce the desired results of dissipating conditions or of enhancing qualities.

Within the grouping of gemstones, a number of them begin with the letter 'B'. The properties of these gemstones are explored below.

Beryl is said to have a widespread medley of healing properties from one end of the spectrum to the other. It is an excellent gemstone to be worn to promote marital love. Moreover, wearing beryl is said to increase an individual's level of happiness as well as their youthfulness. Plus, beryl enhances one's ability to feel sympathy and to remain sincere in thought, word, and deed. Beryl has long been used to help cure many ailments, including injuries to the eyes.

Blue Opal has a softening or lessening effect for those who wear it. It tends to soften or lessen the impact of stress upon those who experience it whilst wearing Blue Opals. Moreover, it aids the reduction of tension in conversation and communication between people. It enhances the flow of ideas and promotes accurate communication. Blue Opal is also said to bring sleep to those who need its restorative powers. Wearing it is thought to relieve the mind from all stress and provide a restful time. The relief it brings is thought to prepare people to deal with their future in a more productive manner.

Blue Topaz unites the mind, body, and soul in a way that promotes an individual to see things more clearly. It is also supposed to dissipate feelings of arrogance.

Bone offers the wearer an enhancement of their powers of strength and wisdom. It is said that the animal from which the bone was taken will protect its wearer in spirit.

Boulder Opal is found in Australia. Wearing this fine gemstone promotes an inner beauty and therefore, leads to an enhancement of an individual's finer qualities. Moreover, on the physical side of healing, it is thought that boulder opal heals diseased eyes and improves those that have faulty eyesight. Some people believe that wearing boulder opal will open up our past lives before us. They believe that wearers of boulder opal will be able to recall any and all of their past lives.

Bertrandite is sometimes referred to as Tiffany Stone. In fact, it is actually a form of opalized Fluorite. Found in Utah, this stone is considered a powerful healing stone that removes energy blockages that prevent growth and healing. It is also supposed to promote psychic communication and to facilitate the interpretation of such communication. The Tiffany stone is also useful to promote success in business and can boost the users sexual drive and performance.

Bloodstone, the stone of courage, is also a powerful healer. The wearing of blood stones encourages spiritual insight that is not readily available to humans normally. It promotes the ability to connect with and understand the mystical elements of life.

Bronzite is a powerful stone that promotes love and courtesy. It helps individuals to develop better relationships with others, to place the needs of others before their own, and to lose all feelings of prejudice.


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