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Religious symbols have been used throughout history to express religious beliefs and to show love and respect towards others These symbols often took the form of personal jewellery, but only in a very basic way - such as attaching string to coins and wearing them round the neck. Eventually, religious jewellery progressed into more colourful, intricately designed and fashionable pieces, which are now widely available. The wearing of Christian jewellery has increased enormously over the years and is the perfect way for the wearer to display an outward sign of their faith.

Crucifixes or simple cross designs are probably the most widely known Christian symbol and many Christians wear them. However, you are not just restricted to an ordinary crucifix cross pendant these days, as you can choose from a variety of styles and materials to suit all tastes and budgets, such as, stainless steel. Sterling Silver, gold, platinum, onyx and gemstones. You can have your cross put on a simple chain or attached to beads in precious metals or bright colours

Apart from the crucifix, the symbol of a fish also features strongly in Christian jewellery. The first Century Christians used the drawing of a fish to represent unity within their faith. One person would take his staff and draw half a fish in the sand in front of another and then waft to see what the other person did. If the other person completed the fish, it would signify that he was amongst good friends.

Apart from pendants, there are a variety of bracelets and rings available too. Christian rings come in various designs, such as, cut out cross designs, fish and hearts with crosses Purity rings are also popular items of Christian jewellery, which are used to express the true beliefs of the Christian faith. These rings are usually worn on the left ring finger and are designed to make the recipient practice celibacy until marriage-the idea is that the ring will eventually be replaced with a wedding ring. These rings come in Sterling Silver or gold and can be a single band or three stackable bands. They can have a design around the band, such as fish, or come inscribed with words like: 'True Love Waits'.

Although the Christian faith does not encourage its people to concern themselves greatly with their appearance it does, however, recognise the fact that Christian jewellery is a good expression of faith and can help a person's self-confidence - it may even attract the wearer to other Christians, which may result in new friendships. It can also be a valuable gift that can be kept in the family and handed down through the generations, in an attempt to strengthen the need for religion.

There are so many styles and colours around today, that you should be able to find a piece to match any outfit, age group and even personality-from a dainty fish pendant to a large more garish cross. You will also be able to find something to suit all occasions, from christenings and confirmations, to weddings and birthdays - whether it is something for you to wear with your outfit, or a gift for the special day. Whatever Christian jewellery you decide on, it will hopefully form part of a lifelong commitment to your faith and become the perfect accessory for your wardrobe!


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