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Charm bracelets have been worn throughout history for religious, superstitious and ornamental purposes. Charm bracelets were found in several archaeological digs dating as far back as the Neolithic period of history. Charm bracelets enjoy a rich cultural and religious relevance that is uncovered in the Roman, Greek and Egyptian archaeology digs. Many of the charms uncovered at these locations show evidence that women as well as men wore these tiny charm bracelets for various religious, superstitious and ornamental observances.

Many religious temple sites had hordes of these small artifacts buried beneath their structures. These small objects of arts made of glass, various metals, semiprecious and precious stones tell a story of the importance of the charm bracelet as a mnemonic artifact.

The mighty Pharaohs of Egypt enjoyed the beauty and protection of charm bracelets. These treasured trinkets or charms were worn by the powerful Pharaohs to protect, identify and indemnify the wearer during their life from all hurt harm and danger. The charm bracelet can also be traced directly to the ancient Egyptian burial ceremonies. The Egyptian Pharaohs had charm bracelets entombed with their bodies The Egyptian burial tradition included adding specific types of charms and bracelets to the tomb of the Pharaoh to provide specific instruction to Osiris,'The God of the Afterlife'.

The Egyptians used the charm bracelet as identification tags to alert the Osiris of the status, role and high position of the wearer of the charm bracelet. The Pharaohs were buried with gold charm bracelets created with various metals to carry perfume and precious oils into the afterlife. Each charm opened a specific lock.

Other historical evidence shows that at the dawn of the Renaissance in Europe, the population sought to copy many classic traditions Wearing different types of bracelets became a popular pastime for the European upper class

But, the first use of the charm bracelet as ornamental jewelry was seen during the reign of Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria assigned the most skilled gold making artisans of her time to create a charm bracelet with 10 tiny lockets. These small gold lockets encased the pictures of her 9 children and her husband King Albert.

The charm bracelet quickly evolved into a fashion craze during the Victorian era. However, the charm bracelet made of gold and other expensive materials was still only available to the very rich. Some of the most popular charm bracelets created by craftsman during this period were made of pearls, elegant diamonds, and gemstones. Some ladies of the Royal Court had charm bracelets made from the strands of a loved one's hair. These personal charm bracelets were woven into intricate wrist bands.


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